Bible Based Church School Studies

Sunday School is the most familiar teaching ministry and useful model for teachers. For the past two or three decades teachers either had to develop lessons or had to use material prepared by those who view the Scriptures from varying outlooks. Thus the need for a system of learning to help people of all ages reach their peak God given potential as followers of Christ.

CSS-curriculum.pngCSS Curriculum

CSS is a two-year integrated course of study covering: K-6, 7-12, and Adult. There are 16 lessons divided into modules of six weeks including, Scripture reading, character study, topical study, memorization of key Scriptures, storytelling, and daily life applications. The curricuum requ ires both teacher and student to think creatively, research thoroughly, reflect on the Scripture readings, then communicate his or her conclusions in light of God's Word. Great importance is placed on the difference between intellectual knowledge and knowing as Spirit revelation.


CSS-teaching-guide.pngCSS Teaching Guide

This teaching Guide is a companion to Church School Studies curriculum, and Almost Persuaded, Now to believe text book. It is a resource designed to aid the teacher with information on standard teaching methods, teaching styles, teaching tips, and how to prepare the lesson along with an illustration of a dynamic transformational method of presenting the gospel.

The CSS Teaching Guide features a teaching outline of the Bible plan of Redemption to help grow both student and teacher into new people in the Kingdom of God, with the ultimate goal to lead each person to touch God for himself or herself.


CSS-Workshop.pngCSS Workbook

This workbook is a valuable companion to Church School Studies curriculum, and Almost Persuaded, Now to believe textbook. It provides thoughtful questions for preparing the lessons used in teaching pupils with a goal of renewal, reeducation, and redirection of the mind.

The CSS Workbook will help both teacher and student understand what the facts mean, for understanding the facts encourages change and change leads to transformation. Thus, the more you understand the more you will grow in faith and the deeper your experience with Jesus Christ and his transforming power.


CSS-Workbook-guide.jpgCSS Workbook Study Guide

This study guide is designed to aid the teacher in preparing lessons from the Church School Studies Curriculum. The Scriptures and text references are to be used in conjunction with the CSS Workbook topical questions.

The goal is to help teacher and student to come to a deeper understanding of the Christian life and to encourage further search of the Scriptures. Since this study guide is not an end unto itself, it is offered simply as a way to strengthen one’s faith and relationship with Jesus Christ through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.


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Long ago Solomon wrote: “A wise teacher’s words spur students to action and emphasize important truths.  The collected sayings of the wise are like guidance from a shepherd.”  Ecclesiastes 12:11

During the past three or four decades Sunday School material has been written primarily for teachers with limited Bible knowledge and experience in the Word of God.  In an effort to satisfy the mandate to teach, materials are designed toward imparting values, morality, and ways to change behaviors of students of all ages. Experience has taught that behaviors may be somewhat altered with minimum change, and if there is to be real change in one's life there must be a change in how we approach the whole of Christian education teaching. The Church School Bible Based Curriculum is based on the fact that Jesus main occupation was that of "teacher." He spent most of his time on earth teaching people about the Kingdom of God and how to live their daily lives in God's presence. The result was many people flocked to hear him because the message was irresistible.  Thus, the church School Studies is written not for changed behaviors but to transform lives.